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Congratulations on purchasing LES MILLS PUMP. You've seen for yourself how great bodies aren't born - they're transformed using Les Mills' proven formula THE REP EFFECT™ - to burn more fat and build strong, lean muscle, fast.

LES MILLS PUMP is based on the international group exercise sensation BODYPUMP™, loved by millions and taught by 90,000 highly-trained instructors in 14,000 clubs in 80 countries. One workout at a time we believe we can help create a fitter, healthier planet.

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Benefits of The Group Effect™

Highly-trained inspirational instructors, cutting-edge choreography, and fast-paced chart-topping music which is constantly refreshed every three months.

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Amir B


Amir B


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I joined the club to lose some weight and started doing classes every day, a mix of BODYPUMP® and other cardio such as LES MILLS RPM® and BODYATTACK®. It made me mentally happy, and also fit! LES MILLS will change the world – look at me, it changed mine!

One morning in June I saw a BODYPUMP™ class and thought, “that has got to hurt”. On June 6, 2007 I walked into my first LES MILLS™ class – BODYPUMP™. I have never been so sore in my life as I was the next day. Brushing my teeth was incredibly painful, but I was back in class the following week. After only four weeks I noticed all my clothes were starting to get very loose. I had lost almost 20 lbs.

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